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NUTEK attaches importance to security and confidentiality of information on all of its customers it is in contact with. Within the framework of these rules, NUTEK has preferred to inform on how it will use and under which conditions it will share customer information through the visited website. The purpose of these rules is to put forth how we will use the information that belongs to you and your rights on such information. 



Information about our customers is an important part of our job and NUTEK does not sell such information to others. It shares personally identifiable information solely as indicated below: 


Conveyance to the staff, committee members, subcontractor companies, for example ensures taking delivery of and delivery of samples, fulfillment of audit requests, sending e-mails, removal of repeated information from the lists of customers, processing credit card payments and execution of procedures such as data analysis. Such third-party institutions reach only the information necessary to fulfill relevant activities and they cannot use such information for other purposes. NUTEK secures such information with agreements concluded with third parties.  


For any reason whatsoever, under full responsibility of NUTEK, we believe that it is right to do the following; satisfying information requests aimed at fulfilling requirements of laws, regulations or the state or legal requests; sharing information which allows determining the identity of the persons who are in breach of accession rules or other rules of NUTEK for the purpose of taking legal actions against them or apart from that, sharing for the purpose of protecting the companies of NUTEK. 


Customer information that we obtain from sources apart from our customers (including your complaints and objections) is completely considered within confidentiality and kept as confidential information.  


Except for the information made public by our customers or agreed between NUTEK and the customers (e.g. for the purpose of responding complaints), all other information is considered specific to its owner and confidential.  




In order to avert unauthorized access, we apply strict security rules on storing and sharing information you provide us. 




Among your rights regarding the information about you, stored by NUTEK, for example, you may ask us to supply list and definition of such information, to correct any incorrect information or inform us, by contacting us through one of the methods mentioned below, that we are not allowed to continue using such information. 



Telephone: +852 2605 5736 


Correspondence Address:

Unit A, 13/F, Universal Industrial Centre,

23-25 Shan Mei St, Fo Tan,

New Territories, Hong Kong 

NUTEK endeavors continuously to improve its services for its current and potential customers. In order to contribute to the improvement of our processes, please share your opinions and suggestions with us via email (improvement activities).

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