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Information about the procedures for handling complaints and appeals.

When the candidate disagrees with any rules, policies, procedures, certification decisions or overall operations, candidate shall declare in writing the reasons as a complaint to NUTEK at the earliest convenience. For candidate who is not satisfied with the review and the decision made upon the complaint, he or she may consider filling an appeal.

All appeals/complaints shall be submitted in the form of email or mail. For contact details, please see the contact page of NUTEK website.

After receiving an appeal/complaint, the staff of NUTEK shall notify and confirm with the candidate as soon as possible.

The appeal/complaint shall be handled by the Department Head and investigated completely and equitably.

The Department Head or his/her delegate shall collect the investigation results, complete the investigation and judge the appeal/complaint valid or not.

The decision resolving the complaint or appeal shall be made by, or reviewed and approved by, person(s) not involved in the testing/inspection/certification activities related to the complaint or appeal.

If the complaint is not valid, an explanation as to why it is not valid shall be given to the customer amicably.

If the complaint is valid or the recipient cannot resolve the matter, the customer may pursue the matter further and lodge a formal complaint.

For a common appeal/complaint, whenever possible, section manger shall notify the customer of the investigation results and resolving project in written immediately. If there is not any feedback from the customer within 15 working days from the customer receives the notification, the result is deemed to be acceptable.

A formal acknowledgement of the receipt of the case shall be issued to the customer, to acknowledge and explain the investigation, respectively, within 24 hours and 4 working days.

Once investigation indicates that quality activities and test/inspection/certification activities do not obey management system or customers’ requirements, Department Head / QA Manager shall adopt procedure of Control of Nonconforming Work.

QA Manager shall verify and evaluate the effectiveness of corrective or preventive action implemented by the concerned section.

All Complaints, including actions taken, will be tracked and recorded by NUTEK.

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